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“4G” The Box-Office Movie Champ’s New Song

Young people of Egypt like a different movie and it’s pretty funny. About four high school buddies who are unafraid to rock the boat. An Egyptian movie with three actors who are acting for the first time , one of the lead actors has already been I some films in the past.. This is a comedy that parades various Egyptian element, the police, the Islamists, politics and corruption, Christians . It’s doing so with humor.

I like to see move films like this take over the box-office not those films about the belly dancer with a heart of gold and horny Egyptian men. The film is getting some help in marketing from a duo that came together for a song. One the Sha’abi singer Abdelbaset Hamouda and the rap sensation Hossam L Hossainy. The song features still from the movie and I like what I see as this is a new take on comedy. You do not have to have a wedding in every movie. Just tell stories about average people.
There is a huge supporting cast from big names who agreed to join this movie because it seemed like a fun one. And sure there are some plot holes, but in general, people are forgiving due to the entertaining nature of the film

4G – Hossam L Hossainy Ft Abdelbaset Hamouda الجيل الرابع – حسام الحسيني وعبد الباسط حمودة

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