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O Jerusalem! By Comeback Fadel Shaker @fadel_chaker

Alleged terrorist and wanted man in Lebanon Fadel Shaker released a new song for the holy city of Jerusalem form his hiding place. The now retired crooner is back with a sudden and a passionate song–no music for Jerusalem and its people. The song comes in solidarity with the people who are facing tremendous challenges by the Israeli occupation. You get to see the artists in the background sporting the iconic Palestinian scarf with Jerusalem center stage. Fadel Shaker still has the warmth and honey dipped voice. He is closer to tears than to joy which fits the current mood. He reminds the old glory of how Jerusalem was once liberated.

Fadel Shaker scores some serious credit, he speaks to what’s on people’s minds. He refers to the street executions taking place and he gives Gaza a shout out. It always has a religious feel to it, which is some Fadel Shaker has been doing most lately. O Fadel we really miss your voice and your presence. This song is a painkiller to how much your fans miss your presence in the music scene.

It’s a well-known fact that Fadel Shaker lives now in one of the Palestinian refugee camps inside Lebanon where he seems to roam freely. Fadel has become a kind of a bad name for some Lebanese nationalists and his strange acts.

النسخة الرسمية | فضل شاكر قدساه

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