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See Everything! The Coolest Music Video EVER! For @FahadAlkubaisi

The cool dude from Qatar just made dreams come true. He released a music video with a 360 interactive technology. That means you get to see everything on the music video–even behind the scene and all that while the music video plays on. Fahad Al Kubaisi is that star and we ought him a big thank you for introducing this technology to the Arab world.

Fahad takes advantage of a brand anew technology that allows the viewer to see a 360 degree view. Allowing the viewer to watch everything all at once. This is great news for the crew too as they can tell their family and friends that they were there when their favorite music video was filmed. Just move your mouse around and see the footage.

This is really a cool song on its own, but the music video will be a benchmark and I bet other Arab stars will follow suit. Big credit must also go to the Iraqi talent who is based in Dubai Yasir Al Yassiry who stood behind the camera and saw this project through.

Again this is a hit song that gets people excited about love, but the music offers high-energy and catchy beats. Fahad does it again and introduces something officially cool.

فهد الكبيسي – بطلنا (فيديو كليب °360 واقع افتراضي) | 2015

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