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Students at Gaza Music School @ANERAorg

The American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) has taken under its wings a music school in Gaza–the only such school. This year, 100 students will study at the Gaza Music School on scholarships provided by ANERA. Mohammad Shuman, a student who studies guitar, says playing music helps him to express his emotions, particularly after the Gaza crisis in 2014. Other students play piano, cello, violin, and oud. ANERA also procures and delivers these instruments to the school.

I like that young people are able to learn a delicate craft in the midst of such violence and depression. It’d not easy on the students or the teachers to want to play music while the ship is sinking if you will. The siege on Gaza is cruel, the people are battered but not yet broken. While Israelis do not see but terrorism in Gaza, somehow a great majority of children suffer because of this view.

So let’s for the sake of the little ones, make sense of this as music will help us. Watching the video shows me how sophisticated this school is and how serious their students take their musical instruments.

Students at Gaza Music School Receive ANERA Scholarships

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