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Published on October 29th, 2015 | by hotarabic


The Betrayal Of Diva Rouwaida Attieh @attieh_rouwaida

The amazing Syrian vocalist Rouwaida Attieh keeps pushing the envelop and releasing new songs and music videos about a number of subjects. Moving from dance to romance to drama and owning each of these styles. She is a lady and her songs shows how big of a class act she is. The storyboard plays like a little TV drama about betrayal and love misplaced.

The handsome dude takes her and her father for a ride, he gets them in trouble with the authorties, ruin their financial status and names by dealing drugs on their dime. Then the cops come in and arrest the old man for a crime he did not commti. So Rouwaida just lost her love and her family. Her only crime is trusting the wrong guy who got her to sing the wrong papers and then shed his true color. No more Mr. nice guy as he has been sleeping around. and then he pushes her. All of a sudden her world crashes down. But wait there is hope.

This is a good story where is one good guy who manages to save the day from this monster. And then the pushing and shoving takes place. Rouwaida Attieh gives a life lesson her. She fell for the new guy quickly. Something tells me native Arabs would enjoy this. There are twists and there are good end. Rouwaida Attieh is busting out her acting skills and showing us how life could be when you do things write.

Rouwaida Attieh is doing a clever thing here, she is releasing one hit sing every few months and keeping her name and career moving and thriving.

رويدة عطيه – كليب ضرب العصا | Rouwaida Attieh CLIP Darb El 3asa

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