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Why Production Companies Are Bad For Music Business

A lot of it has to do with structure, because the structure of the music industry is rooted in a corporate structure. It’s a quarterly business, but art is not a quarterly business. At Rotana, if Amr Diab didn’t deliver a record one year, for whatever reason, that really affected the whole economics of the company.

The truth remains, it’s impossible to build a music company as if you were selling shoes. It’s a different business. It has a different ebb and flow. The highs are higher and the lows are lower. You have to look at it as a longer-term game.

This is why music production companies are willing to get short-term gains at the risk of long-term choices. So, if someone can do something to sell a few more records now at the expense of the artist, even if that artist will sell a lot less later, they’ll make that choice. But one thing corporations do fix that is marketing, they birbe radios and networks to talk up a new release and they put the artist on your face anywhere you look. So you cannot escape it. Still, sales does not mean good music or good albums. As for the company they are happy releasing shit, if people would buy it and if they will make money. As for the artists/musicians/producers not so much.

Rotana, Platinum Records, Mazzika, Basement Records, Free Music, Pyrmedia, K Music and such need to realize this credo “You have to make better music to make a better business.”

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