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A Good Love Song! @Mutref Captures That Magical Romance!

Kuwaiti singer Mutref Al Mutref grew up in a music household where his father was a well-known singer and a pioneer in Khaleeji music. He is the sole son who come to love his father’s craft and picked a career in music but his love for music predates his knowing that his father is a singer. But first he had to learn how to play the oud–supposedly he is self taught while h was living in the UAE. Mutref liked to sing, but he wouldn’t tell his old man because he knew his father wanted him to pay more attention to school. But according to one account before his iconic father passed away, Mutref did show off his talent to his father. Jalsat concerts is his jam where he is joined by other musicians and perform in front of a small group of people who appreciate music. His line is usually the sad songs and he does not do many public events.

Mutref owns a music store and a recording studio. He did release an album earlier this year and it was good. But it was not until the release of this magical music video for “Monhak Gharam” that the artist entered my heart and the heart of everyone that was in the same room with me when I played the song. It’s a silky love song that feels right in every sense.

A love song despite the distance–the physical and the emotional ones. You can feel this artists agony as he delivers this song in such a stunning way. Very few artists could do this song justice. Mutref did it and made it so accessible. This is an intimate song from a guy who seems to get what love is. Mutref does not try to do any singers with over-doing it. He just breezes through it and it works.

Mutref Al Mutref … Monhak Gharam – Video Clip | مطرف المطرف … منهك غرام – فيديو كليب

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