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Amal Hijazi Screams For Justice In A New Song! @AmalHijazi

Amal Hijazi has a big heart, this Lebanese recording artist sings for love and life. But the news in the Middle Easy is very dark and offers no hope. So Amal wanted to do something with her art, so she offered a new song and a music video that brings up all the stuff we see in the news–nothing good.

Using clips from a number of Arab places including Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq. It’s a dark song that asks what happened to us? Where did our good sense go? Why so much chaos, death and mayhem? Good question and a decent song that does not quite peak.

Amal is dressed in black to fit the occasion. She also digs deep within her for the right words and emotions. It’s not easy to do it in a dialect other than one’s one. She tries to do it in Egyptian. She does take on ISIS and their savage ways as well as those same tactics used by the Israeli occupation.
Amal Hijazi – Fen El Damir [Music Video] (2015) / أمل حجازي – فين الضمير

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