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Black Theama Prays As They Celebrate The Birth of The Prophet @Black_Theama

Black Theama is not in the business of making religious or political songs. The band from southern Egypt sticks to love and live and explore the social themes around all of us. Balck Theama is one of the most authentic bands as their music feels like a way of life and not just a job or a paycheck.

But it seems the band made a special exception this time and released a song to celebrate the birth of the prophet of Islam Mohammed. It’s a decent song from a smooth band that has its own line of musical style. It’s a mellow song that is light and it does not bring up and heavy topics, just a prayer type. I still love their voices, they can be singing about being in the emergency room and make it sound awesome.

Black Theama – Awkat B Neweid | بلاك تيما – أوقات بنوعد

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