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Composer @azizelshaf3i Brings Together Mai and Khaled Selim

Here’s to young artists who bring an old jingle from its death bed and give it a new life. Enters the stage Khaled Selim and Mai Selim. both pop artists are active in Egypt–though one if Egyptian and the other is Jordanian. Yes, they share the same last name, but they have no relation

This duo came together as they star in a new motion picture. Both singers have some serious acting under their belts. The song does not show us anything from the upcoming film. It seems like a movie dealing with couple problems and jealousy.

The songs talks about fidelity. There is some serious chemistry between the stars and they seem to play games with one another. Khaled uses his guy appeal and goes for a bit of Tarab. Mai goes for the girl power and delivers a good performance. Enjoy this random production–lyrics and music are courtesy of Aziz Shafei

Khaled Selim & Mai Selim/خالد سليم ومي سليم أشك

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