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Egyptian Cinema Has Been Reduced To Butts, Boobs and Drinking

Egyptian Dancer Dina refuses to step aside and let the youngest dancers (and sometimes foreign);eat her lunch. So she is stepping up her game by appearing in more movie roles dancing along classically trained assholes like Saad Al Soghyyar. Dina has also graciously accepted to be featured in one of the most respectable film companies like “El Soky” which honesty seems like a company worth of sewage treatment facilities than shaping culture.

See Dina who has been dancing for at least a generation flaunting her assets around the camera and shaking them for the price of a ticket admission. Also pay attention to the prominent cleavage. Seriously from this preview, you would think Egyptians are all about;sex, butts, boobs and drinking. It might be true, it might be an accurate image of that country. But somehow ;like to differ.

See for yourself this preview and remember, this was one of Egypt’s high grossing films in the past few years.

I do not blame them, society is complicate it in this crime against art. If they do not see these films, they do not make them anymore. But this is Egypt, young men are starved for jobs, attention and dare I say it sex? Such films sell them a fantasy, they can afford.
اغنية ولاد البلد / سعد الصغير ” دينا / فيلم ولاد البلد

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