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Published on December 12th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Greedy Producer Nasr Mahrous Sues Rock Star Bahaa Sultan

Nasr Mahrous helped Bahaa become a big pop star, he was his protegee. Baha believed in Nasr and loved the man and his contribution. He never poke ill of the man and has been working with him and under his guidance for 17 years now. Bahaa does not seem like a bad person, he does not even party of speak much to the press. He sticks to his music and he delivers good albums.

But it seems this 2015 this all changed. The love fest between the producer Nasr Mahrous and Bahaa has reached to a dead end. I was frankly surprised to hear about the ugly court battles. I believe in Nasr and I like Bahaa so when they fight I do not know what side to pick.

I mean Soltan talks in a kind way about Nasr Mahrous here. It seems that Nasr made a lot of money from Bahaa where he keeps 50 percent o revenue from albums and music videos and keeps 25 percent from live performances. So money ruins things. The way Baha expresses it (and I believe him) Nasr started to push back the release of Bahaa’s new album and it’s being delayed for more than a year. Bahaa wants his album released, but Nasr seems want to use that to force Bahaa into renewing his contract with the company. Bahaa is not against the idea–he still have one more album to deliver to Free Music–which is essentially Nasr Mahrous’ company.

It seems Nasr is greedy and he is worried about losing his biggest name. Bahaa seems to be real about it, he simply now has a family and a home so he has obligations–he wants to keep more of his own money. Nasr fears that and want to twist the artists arm. Plus keep on mind Nasr sort of pays himself for composing music and lyrics for Bahaa and directing his music videos too. So Bahaa has no say of which names to work with, he cannot just call up a hip musicians and ask him to collaborate.

See the interview below where Bahaa dishes on Nasr Mahrous who seems to have a history of troubled relationships with artists–who forgets that Nasr lose both Tamer Hosny and Sherine?

بهاء سلطان يكشف سبب تأجيل نصر محروس لألبومه وملاحقته قضائيا

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