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Israelis Settlers Play Vulgar Hate Song (Video)

Young Israeli settlers like to party to the tunes of a hate song. I have always known them to be violent extremists who live off government subsides in stolen land. But this is a first for me, to see them playing vulgar songs that attack people’s faiths. To be honest, the Israel Palestine conflict does not have to be about religion. Songs like these do not make the Israelis feel safe and they insult the wrong people.

A large group of settlers from Kiryat Arba spend the afternoon of Sunday, 11 October, playing hate songs through a loud speaker to residents of the Hebron neighborhood of Jabel Johar. These antics continued in the presence of a soldier and police officers who took no action to stop them. During the incident, settlers threw rocks at the neighborhood.

To be fair, there is no shortage of Palestinian songs that are critical of Israel but to be best of my knowledge, these songs never attack or belittle the Jewish faith.

Here are the lyrics that cheer those young Israelis up…

He is no prophet
Just another Arab
He has a moustache with fleas
And he eats goat cheese
He is a construction laborer
Even when he’s fasting on Ramadan
And he has an orange ID card
Muhammad is gay and the son of a prostitute.

(Hat Tip to Electronic Intifada)
Settlers spend the afternoon playing the song “Muhammad is Dead” to residents of Jabal Johar

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