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Published on December 6th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Lyricists And Composers Want To Get Paid (Video) @HichamBoulos

The big names in Lebanese pop are on an unofficial strike. They are demanding better pay and a bigger cut in the intellectual property rights. Why not? I mean they are the force behind all the songs we love so much, yet they get paid so little and in the star who takes their work breaks the bank–not always.

So many of them showed up at their guild, but many were not present. They demand better compensation for their creativity. With the social media money makes it a lot harder to figure out who holds the rights. The big name was Oussama Rahabni who turned out for the event and spoke to the camera. But he also was one of the leading forces behind this press conference.

They are asking the government to help them which is almost never the answer in that country. They are talking about the new technologies and the different pay scales. Hicham Boulos also was present and talked about the digital rights. I like the side of it where they were talking about awareness of this issue. It’s all about the revenues and getting paid a fair share of the success they help make possible.
شعراء وملحنين وفنانين لبنانيين يطالبون بحقوقهم الفكرية

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