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Published on December 27th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Nedaa Shrara, The Hijab Wearing Lady Who Won The Voice! @NedaaShrara #MBCTheVoice

Nedaa Shrara broke a new barrier just today. The Hijab wearing lady from Jordan just has been crowned as the winner of the MBC The Voice and she owned it so well. This is the first time, a show like that features a a hijab wearing lady as a finalist, and she did go home with the title. She was on team Sherine who enjoyed her company and fought for her to be where she is.

Her covers of beloved songs showed so much talent and lots of grace. I think this is a welcome change as a great deal of women in the Arab world do wear the head cover and this tells them that they have space and that they can compete. They no longer have to be content with the spectator role, they have throw their hat into the ring and come on top.

Checkout this wonderful cover for Nedaa who delivered a world class cover for a song by Syrian Asala. I tell you she has the stamina to do any song she wills. This is a huge money and a bit of change as the studios in Lebanon are known to be about “free” and “liberal” young women appearing on the program. This time, they did something closer to reality but also broke new grounds. There is also that fact as conservative families do not like to see their family members under the spotlight and doing music. Nedaa’s success and taking home the title will encourage other young women to try this talent scouting competitions.

Aside from her choice of clothes, Nadaa is plenty talented and her voice has that warmth that you need in your diva. These have been 3 grueling months on the show and the contestants,
#MBCTheVoice – نداء شراره – يسمحولي الكل – مرحلة العروض المباشرة

#MBCTheVoice – نداء شراره – لعبة الأيام – مرحلة العروض المباشرة

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