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Published on December 23rd, 2015 | by hotarabic


No! @karimmohsen You Are Better Than Your Latest Song!

I think the world of Karim Mohsen is a nice guy who worked hard to be where he is. An average guy who had a talent and fought for his place patiently until he made it to the front line where he sings top albums, and makes music for top artists. I hate not to fall in love with anything he makes as I really do enjoy his music and his songs. He is the cool guy who always comes back with something fresh.

Not this time though. Karim missed the mark for the first time since 2010 when he released his big debut album. Why I say this? His song is not good enough for 2015. This would have been neat in 2006, but not this year. The techno club music has been tired for some time. I still like Karim’s voice here, it gives a hint of sweetness as usual. But this music does not live it up.

Karim, you can do better than this. Maybe the young artists felt pressured to release a sing timed with the new year celebrations to stay in the news and get the gigs–after all he is a family man now.

Nedary Leih – Karim Mohsen ندارى ليه – كريم محسن

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