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Published on December 31st, 2015 | by hotarabic


No More Sandy! Egyptian Teen Pop Star Retires And Seeks Forgiveness

Sandy retires

Sandy started singing at a young age, she became an idol for many tens and young adults. Grownup men also liked her because sh was bold and she wore really short shorts and did very girlie things. She used to throw the best beach concerts and biggest campus parties. Kids liked her a lot and so did their dads! She even starred in a film two years ago. And then She suddenly decided to quite the show business and stop making music.

We know that she retired because she posted a statement on Facebook stating that she is under a lot of stress and she could not take it anymore. She also said in the statement that she asks for forgiveness. I think people are surprised by this sudden change of heart as Sandy was rumored to be working on her next album. But I think she is making the decision right for her.

According to the statement, Sandy has fallen ill from all the stress and she decided (nothing will be changing her mind) that this retirement is final. In an interview last summer, Sandy did cry as she talked about wanting to have a normal life and have a family of her own. There is a media storm about this update from Sandy, I hope she is well and this is not just some twisted marketing ploy to promote her upcoming album. Composer turned singer Tamer Ali, welcomed the news and offered to buy Sandy tickets to do on a Hajj trip. He seemed nice about it.

قرار ساندي قرار سليم عشان في ناس كتير في مجال الموسيقى بتجبرك انك تكون زيهم . واتمني من كل قلبي لو قرارها ده صحيح انا بقدملها هديه بسيطه تذكره للحج علي حسابي الخاص .. ربنا يهدينا جميعآ

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