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Peace Be Upon Him And War Be Upon Us? Two More Songs

I am a little bit sick and tired of the state of Muslims right now, we do not have it together despite the great teaching of a great prophet. We live in a state of mayhem and hundredths of thousands of Muslims are running To Europe for help–not to Saudi Arabia mind you. Millions more live in as state of war in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and not to forget Palestine.

This is a special occasion today as we celebrate a great man, Mohammed peace be upon him. I think the fault in not in his teachings but in a combination of things like interruptions, political failure and the very vast silent majority who chooses not to get involved.

Most of us and the world know that ISIS is not Islam, but what are we doing about it? What can we do? It’s a false choice between violent ISIS and abusive dictatorships. We have a rich history and yet we are going through our dark ages and something has to give. Happy Mawlid Nabawi. I think we should just step back a little bit and take a deep look at ourselves and how a great religion has been turned into a death cult.

El Naby Salo Alieh – Sharqawi النبى صلو عليه – شرقاوى

Walla Maly Gheer Mohamed – Tarek Fouad والله مالى غير محمد – طارق فؤاد

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