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Published on December 24th, 2015 | by hotarabic


The Splendid Muslim Christian Jewish Song Arrives @Kareemsalama

Kareem Salama is an American country singer who happens to be of the Muslim faith and Arab and African heritage. He is not the kind of star you meet every day but a guy who has a big hear and a larger than life message of peace love and unity. This time, he found an occasion that helps him spread his message. Christmas, Mawlid and Hanukkah are all happening about the same week this year.

So the calendar is trying to tell us something! I love the song and the music–which what should matter really. I love the use of Arabic lyrics with the English one. The guitar sets the mood, the Arabic lyrics (more like a prayer) leads the song and then comes the English lyrics about the light and the voice. Kareem channels his everything to create this wonderful put together song.

I wish more artists would create such heartfelt songs that bring us all together instead of tearing up apart–which is a lot easier. Kareem is gifted musicians but his bigger legacy is in being a humanitarian first. He is a Muslim boy doing country songs in places where folks have very few good things to say about people like Kareem.

The approximate meaning of the Arabic section is, “Oh Most Merciful One, send prayers, peace and blessing on traveling light in the cosmos”. Although I don’t know the exact origin of the litany, it is often repeated by North and West Africans.

Kareem Salama – Traveling Light (Acoustic)

Music & Lyrics by Kareem Salama
Produced by Michael Whitebread
Cover Design by Nathan Brown and Shane Clester

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