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Published on December 11th, 2015 | by hotarabic


The X Factor @HindZiadi Releases A Very Cool Song!

Hindi Ziadi from the MBC X Factor. I believe released one of the coolest songs in 2015. I say that beucase the song is very different in more ways than one. I mean it sounds exotic, I did not know who was the singer at first, so I was like wow this is great. The song played in my car and I kept playing it over and over and I did not mind the traffic.

I did not know about Hind and her stint on X Factor–I do not follow that particular program. But this song made my day. It’s just the perfect sounding song. Yes, the Moroccan dialect is just impressive. But Hind’s voice comes as sweet, warm, talented and fresh. She delivered a solid song and I believe the song did well in places like the Khaleej and Lebanon.

I think this past few years have been seeing the Moroccan song stepping up its game. The Iraqi song had a good run, now comes the new thing. Too many young talents from Kingdom have been doing a lot of great songs that sound different yet too familiar. So Hind did a marvelous job here and the production team gets a shout out for making a crisp song.

Glad to see Hind shining in her own skin, her Morccan song will take her far and allow her to be the star she deserves to be. This is pride of one’s heritage. Instead of doing a song in a different dialect to try to sell to affluent market, Hind kept it local but in a way that allows her to noticed.
Hind Ziadi – KHSSERTI (Exclusive) | ( هند زيادي – خسرتي (حصرياً

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