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2016 Showdown Rabeh Sager vs. Rashed Al Majid

Both are big tickets singers from Saudi Arabia. Rabeh is a music legend for decades and the same goes for Rashed Al Majid who is a big name and a producer of music. Two different songs with two different moods. While Rabeh’s fans might be a bit older of those for Rashed who plays the hip card better.

Rabeh is a big name inside Saudi and parts of the Khaleej but he is not well-known to other Arabs. Rashed does better with other Arabs where his name recognition is bigger. I think Rabih sticks to real original Saudi music like the old traditional way of singing and music. Rashed does that often but he likes to try different styles.
راشد الماجد – بكره (حصرياً) | 2016

Rabeh Sager … Hatha Damy | رابح صقر … هذا دمي

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