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@CAROLE_SAMAHA Releases The Most Romantic And Innovative Arabic Song in 2016

This is a song where everyone involved in it delivered exactly what’s needed and not one bit more or less. It’s not an every day event in pop music where the performer, the music composer, the lyricists and the producer do what is needed to make a perfect song. In this instant, Carole Samaha and her team made it happen. It was everything you need in the right dose delivered in the exact time which allowed us to enjoy a perfect song in this new year.

The song is “Rooh Fil” or “Get Away” a song where in love people regret saying certain things and wish to take them back because they do not come from a real place. Anger ruins a lot of relationships and the lyricist captures a love song where mean things are being said and then wishing for them not to make it to the ears of the intended person. The song delivered a very complicated emotional state but did express it so beautifully and capture all the details and presented it in a fresh way. The song is meant to drum up excitement for the upcoming album for Carole Samaha who took a sabbatical to deliver a baby girl and to be with her new born.

Ali Moly wrote it and this was his first collaboration with Carole, and something tells me he will be a busy guy now. He delivered a new package of emotions and kept is fresh. It’s like he invented his own vocabulary to verbalize a state of loss. He draws a very true portrait for the sate of loss toward the end of love story. Then comes the music by Mahmoud Eid who knows Carole like no other as he has been in charge of her band for years. He understands her voice like few could and then he wrote the music and just right. His composition wraps the song so tight and does not break away from the songs’ mood. And comes the production by Michael Fadel who outdone himself once again and kept us classy and upbeat. This new song is like nothing Carole has done before but it shows that as time passes Carole hold into her edge and add to her legacy.

Now their hard work was not at loss because Carole Samaha translated the song with two things, her deep emotional reserve, she had to have a band of mixed emotions and feelings. And her voice that had to be strong, sweet and vulnerable all at once. She did just that and that helps us understand why this new single is in the top of every single chart there is. The song really speaks to the listener on a personal and intimate level. There is so much to process all at once and once again we find Carole Samaha doing great music all over again and leading the way at her on terms.

Sadly there is no authorized YouTube link for the song yet, it’s available on that Arabic music app. But feel free to enjoy the teaser.

Update: Full song has been added below

Rouh Fell Lyric Video – Carole Samaha / روح فلّ فيديو مع كلمات – كارول سماحة

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