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Published on January 18th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Cinderella Story Music Video By @RindalaK For @RolaSaadTweets

Cinderella story is a classic in every culture, a variation of this story exists. Lebanese Rola Saad wanted to bring her own take on it for a music video of hers, released last year. It sounded like an Iraqi dance song that sounds cute. It plays on English and people who only speak Arabic, but somehow mange to impress an English speaking guy. Which goes to say love has its own language.

Going from a simply farm girl, milking cows and cuddling with coats to a high class fashion icon is where the trick is. I happen to like the song and think it’s one of Rola’s better songs released in the last few years. It puts her under a fun light without compromising her hotness.

I just thinking the outfits worn by Rola while impressive and fashionable are not suited for farm work. I think the part where she basically gets abducted and taken to the wealthy guy is a bit illegal and tired. Rindala Kodeih made a lot of music videos, while she did a fine job here, I think she left some corny parts. She did find an amazing set, a believable cast and got the best out of Rola. Rindala also created an music video that sits well with kids and grownups alike–not many directors can do that.

Rola Saad … Excuse me – Video Clip | رولا سعد … اكسكيوز مي – فيديو كليب

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