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@CyrineAbdlNour Joins The Wonderful World Of @iMarwanKhoury

Cyrine Abdelnour is world-class entertainer and she just joined with forced with another world-class artist, Marwan Khoury. The two Lebanese pop stars look like the best of friends as they sat in the studio to record a song written by Marwan for Cyrine. I like it when artists who are in their prime collaborate to produce something with heart. The song is about having no limits.

The new song is about hope and giving people reasons to be happy and enjoy life. It’s for a new TV reality show starring Cyrine. The song has a social and a humanitarian purpose. The show showcases the diva going about her daily life and engaging in activities and missions worthy of her attention and ours. For example one of the issues tackled by the issue is the many Syrian refugees living in Lebanon.

There is a lot of emotions and things that we may miss but this show does a great job putting Cyrine as a human with dream,s hopes and fears. She really cares and it shows her as a person first and an entertainer second–she is second to none. Marwan challenged himself for the song and was able to create a song that shows the complicity of our world without overwhelming us. I think his presence added depth to the song and show, Cyrine will deliver another solid season as she has done twice before.

Once again Cyrine does not shy away from venturing into uncharted territory and bringing attention to issues beyond herself. In the process she got to work with crafty like Marwan Khoury and elevate her stature into a higher place. Marwan Khoury benefits from working with an A list hit-maker with a huge fan base in music, movies and TV. So this is a match made in heaven.

Bila Houdoud Song by Cyrine Abdel Nour season 3

من كواليس تسجيل اغنية بلا حدود – سيرين عبد النور كلمات والحان : مروان خوري توزيع داني خوري Cyrine Abdelnour BILA HDOOD

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