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Egypt’s Latest Boxing Movie Might Be Actually Good!

As times passes Egyptian filmmakers get more sophisticated as more funds becomes available to them. Such Egyptian films now feature action sequences, and great camera work allowing for brilliant cinematography. The latest movie to excite the masses is a sport movie about boxing. To the film will feature a believable actor who can box and ripped but he is also a complicated actor so he is got this covered.

Then comes a big supporting cast from the A list actors doing new characters, and the best thing that the camera and the crew is able to take some amazing scenes for a plot that seems filled with stories that goes beyond boxing.

The trailer for the film shows we are in for a ride as we shown a big cast, a great scenes and some sub plots that we cannot wait to explore. There is a lot of boxing and kicking and yes it feels like we will be kikced in the heart.

الاعلان الثاني ” فيلم /- من ضهر راجل / ” حاليا بجميع دور العرض

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