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Fayrouz Karawya Drops New Album For The Crowded Heart @FayrouzKarawya

Fayrouz Karawya makes music in her own way. The indie vocalist is paving her own path and leaving her own mark with every single release she drops. The likable all-Egyptian songstress does not seek to make music for the mass consumption but instead she makes music that’s close to hear heart and expressive of her personality.

I have been noting more and more in her songs Fayrouz visualizes a person a male person and sings for that person. Mostly this person is a lover of hers who is either playing games or living life differently. And she does shed some light on life in the hipster community. This is the title song for her yet to be released album with 12 different indie tracks. this would be her first album since the release of Bara Meny more than three years ago.

Fayouz works with musicians who are believers in their craft and in her talent. They are not in it for the money, but for the art and for the company. I wish more people would listen to Fayrouz, she seems like a sensible artists with a big brain and many good choices. You will like the fresh (and more Western) music in her songs. The song below is about a man who falls in love with everybody and Fayouz puts him to shame. She writes many of her songs which helps explain why many of her songs feel like an intimate journal.

فيروز كراوية – قلبك زحام / Fayrouz Karawya – Albak Zeham

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