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Indie Diva @FayrouzKarawya Returns With A Crowded Album

Fayrouz Karawya remains an indie music force in the underground music scene. She is a hipster on a mission and she just released a big album. This is her second full album to date. She did a video where she walked her fans through the music. This candid type of interviews is needed where we get to see the talent who make this music, not just the vocalist but also the folks in the recording studio where their vision comes to life.

The video is cool because folks get to meet the talents behind the album and the songs. This is supposed to be an Egyptian pop album. Though the indie diva talks about Egypt being a melting pop for Arab music talents. I enjoyed Fayrouz’s take on Arab pop where the singer is either wronged or someone who is a victim that does no wrong. Fayrouz opts for the realist approach where we are all humans.

I like this video because we get to hear and see the behind the scenes, how the magic is made. We do not get to know music about the music we like, this video is pretty telling about the indie music in Egypt. These artists had a sweet run in 2011, 2012, and 2013 but now they are trying to get back to that level of freedom of expression they once had.

The new album from Fayrouz is about the music not the politics of that social justice. I like Fayrouz’s persona and funky music she makes. I appreciate the fusion of different Arabic musical scales. There is something democratic about this album and the team–everyone’s voice is heard. This is how you make a multi voiced upbeat album that offers verbosity and freshness.

Lovely bunch and wish Karawya and her team success. I think she made a good album that does a bit of alternative music that we can use right now as most pop songs sound about the same. This is a group of musicians who want to make music for the love of it–money is not the goal here.

“Albak Zeham” journey- Fayrouz Karawya رحلة “قلبك زحام”- فيروز كراوية

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