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It’s Official Ahmed Ezz Is The Father of Zeina’s Twins

Ahmed Ezz just lost his latest appeal to overturn the Family Court in Cairo’s decision, which ruled in June 2015 fellow Egyptian actress Zeina’s children as yours. So now the ruling stands and Zeina is able to issue new documents for her twins with Ahmed Ezz as the father. This is big news and makes me personally happy that the player and deadbeat actor who has shamed himself and the entire industry with him is now the father.

He did refuse to take a paternity test from the get go which in my mind tells me he is indeed the father but for a number of reasons he is too chicken shit to own up to his family. I hope he would do the right thing and stop his denial and insulting his wife and his twins. He has shown to be a world class asshole. He may have time to fix things up and wini people over as of right now, no one seems to like this turd.

Ezz now officially and legally as the biological father of Zeina’s twins, so deal with it. Zeina is giddy about the decision and she thanked her supporters and fans for sticking by her for more than two years of legal battle. That’s 700 days of legal battle. Zeina did make some interviews and some comments on her social media as she now feels she has been validated and the wrong has been made right. I like the fact that Zeina inspired so many people with making this issue public and winning.

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