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Published on January 2nd, 2016 | by hotarabic


Lebanese Melissa Sings For Egyptian Ladies In Hot Shorts

Melissa is doing what most Lebanese pop divas do, try to establish a name for themselves in Egypt. So she wore hot shorts and spend a great deal of night on the balcony seducing men. But this time Melissa sang for Egyptian ladies trying to sell them. The song’s title is pure Egyptian or a 100 percent Egyptian.

There is that rivalry between Lebanese pop stars and Egyptian pop stars. For some reason Melissa also gives a shutout to the Lebanese ladies, the Saudi ones and the Moroccan ones. But no love for the Syrian ones. This is is not a knockout song for Melissa, she had better songs and still never made it to the A list. It’s a cute songs that kids with internet would watch few times.

Melissa takes on the streets of Egypt in an effort trying to boast tourism and sell that chaotic country. This is the first time, I senses Melissa is trying to be one of the ordinary girls where she is blending. I think Egyptian ladies are awesome indeed. But they are not as sleazy as this clip makes them to be. It’s images like that that sexualizes them and sends wealthy Khaleeji men looking for working girls in the streets of Egypt.

Side note, the Tahrir Square was closed off to film this music video–this is the first time this happens we are being told.

Melissa – Masriya 100% [Official Music Video] (2015) / ميليسا – مصرية % 100

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