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Listen To All The New Songs Of This Week

Things must be too awful with the economy as I am seeing more and more pop stars emerging. It might be also an indicator of the social media craze we are living in where everyone wants to share something including young people who think they can sing. I present to you half a dozen of new pop singles released just this week by new comer–some of whom are talented. Most of these stars from the the Khaleeji region with two exceptions.

I like some of these songs, I really do. I enjoyed the range of styles, melodies and vocal strength. Let us give these young pop stars a chance and enjoy their music and if we do like their work, we should seek them out.

Tamer Daher Bala laf w dawaran Clip تامر ضاهر بلا لف و دوران.

أبطال الرواية – مايد عبدالله | Abtal AlRewaya – Mayed Abdullah

ماشي – قطر الندى | Mashy – Qatr AlNada

فجأة حبيت – عبدالله العاجل | Fajaa Habeet – Abdullah AlAjel

شفت البحر – مشاري المحمد | Shft AlBahar – Mashary AlMohammed

Yasmeena samy – 7agat Baseta – ياسمينا سامى – حاجات بسيطه

خسرانة – عبدالله أبل | Khasrana – Abdullah Abl

ياود – سلطان سيف | Ya Wad – Sultan Saif

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