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Meet The Finest Young Singer, Emirati Shamma Hamdan @Shamma_Hamdan

Shamma Hamdan continues to impress me. With every single release, she has shown that she is a mighty pop force. The young singer from the UAE who show to fame four years ago on Arabs Got Talent might be the biggest name to have taken part of that program. So much talent, so much class and so many good choices make a top A list singer in my book.

Shamma Hamdan just released a new song for the new year and it’s another great hit from her. Remember she released another top hit just few weeks ago. this young charmer has taken over iTunes sales and has made a lot of fans happy. I do appreciate her style that has a big crossover appeal. While she sings in the Khaleeji dialect and musical taste, her songs travel well outside of that part of the world and carry her in places like Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq and the west side of Arabia all the way to Morocco. This is how music is meant to be.

Shamma Hamdan’s songs translate well and say different things to different people. She is a gifted story teller whose tales resonate well with people allowing them to relate with them and identify with Shamma. One of my wishes is to hear and see her perform live. I think i will not be disappointed. In very short years, Shamma has shown that she is a serious contender to be the top young music talent in the UAE and now into the rest of the Khaleej.

It’s young talented like Shamma that give me hope, I am glad to see her working with top talents to bring the out the best from within her. So much complex emotions and so much love.

شمّه حمدان – مادريت (حصرياً) | 2016

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