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New Song By Pop Star Mohammad Chahine Breaks The Internet Again! @Mohammad_Cha

Mohammad Chahine just made a lot of people happy and fired up the social media frenzy with the release of his latest single. The young all Egyptian pop star finished strong in 2015 and now ushers a great year for 2016 with his latest song.

Authentic voices are hard to come by but Mohammad Chahine is no overnight sensation. The young charmer captivates people with his voice and his grace. Mohammad Chahine sings like himself and no one else. Really you could not tell if he is mimicking other star. His voice and his talent is all his and the fans adore this about him. The young wise guy who sings to his fans about life and how we can find happiness by being happy with what we already have.

The happy warrior of Arabic pop might as well be the best thing about Egyptian pop that has seen better days than what we see now. His song is released by that hip Egyptian radio and The lyrics are those of Tamer Hussein and the music is the work of Kareem Abdel Wahab. These guys made a happy song in dark times and helped us fall in love again with Chahine. I really like the song’s positive and uplifting message about appreciating what good things one has in one’s life.

محمد شاهين – زي مابقولك كده

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