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Sabren El Negily (From Arab Idol) In A New Music Video

Sabren El Negily wrote, composed and performed a new song meant for consumption in the Egyptian market. She has a song with a catchy title that involves the moon, the feel is like a simple Egyptian girl form the countryside singing about her definition of beauty and horses.

Sabren El Negily whose name we know because she appeared and competed on Arab Idol. The feel is a Bedouin community near Sheikh Zawyad in Egypt which fits the song’s style and dialect. It’s a retro song about the old fantasies of a simple life. She has the voice and warm personality to carry a song like this.

Cool that she was able to get this song and music video released in those cynical times.
Kaf El Kamar – Sabren El Negily كف القمر – صابرين النجيلى

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