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Soulful And Fun @NasriWorld Is The World’s Coolest Palestinian

I just met one hell of a cool musicians. Then my day got better as I learned that he is a Canadian with Palestinian heritage via Lebanon. Nasri from the band Magic is a pop songwriter turned reggae fusion frontman. He is a producer and has put his stamp on many global pop hits. He did exceptionally well as hitmaker-for-hire

Starting as a solo singer with a number of singles before becoming the lead singer of the reggae fusion band Magic! Magic!’s single “Rude” became a major international hit for the band. A native of the Canadian city of Toronto walked into his local radio station, with a demo in hand-he was 19 then.

After hard work, a number of snits here and there, the world met the very talented and charming fellow Palestinian whose hits are too many to count. I really enjoy their breezy pop tunes often accented by laidback reggae rhythms that just pure sunshine. Magic’s songs do two things that are hard to accomplish at the same time, their music has that “feel good” thing about it and it has depth.

I am just getting to know of Nasri and his crafty approach, there is a lot more to learn about Nasri and his work ethics and zaniness.

MAGIC! – Rude

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