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The Brilliant @YasmineNiazy Celebrates Grit In “3aned We Kaber”

Yasmine Niazy is a rare gem in Egyptian pop. She has a fine voice and a likable personality. I seriously like her music. she keeps the hits coming and she did release two albums that I love. Her singles are awesome too. But the music industry has yet to market her with a genuine effort.

Her new single is about grit, we must try and keep at it until it works out. This is something people in our world understand, people cannot quit because patience pays and those fighters end up winning and it they did not, it’s the end. The stills, and short videos with Yasmine keep the music video and the song alive.

This is a song about love, live, work, school sickness any everything in between. Yasmine plays a different character here than she played before, but she is still doing her spunky pop persona. I was very happy with this release and I thought I am getting my fix from Yasmine. She delivered a happy song. I must admit I like the blues from her.

This serves as a solid opening for Yasmine in 2016 as in 2015, we did not hear much from her and we kind of missed her presence. She is back and it feels good to have her status be in the active pop star making good songs.

Yasmine Niazy – 3aned We Kaber | ياسمين نيازي – عاند وكابر ٢٠١٦ [LYRICS – SINGLE]

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