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Published on January 23rd, 2016 | by hotarabic


This Funny And Sarcastic Song Will Make You Want To Kill Youtself #محمد_محي

This song is supposed to be an ironic one. The lovable singer of Darkness has faced plenty of criticism lately for his choice of dark songs. Mohamed Mohie heard the conversation and the jokes on the internet so he joined in and showed that he has a huge sense of humor.

So Mohie releases a single about his fears, but then somebody made a fake list of songs on the upcoming album and they went town, making the song title be so dark about depression and nothing working out in love of life. Mohie’s office issues a statement saying that these songs are not official and not the real title of what yet to come.

But the singer did something cooler, he appeared on comedy show and performed a song that he co-wrote and composed music for. A song plays to the joke.. Life sucks sort of type, and nothing is worth living and you see in the music video people just killing themselves as they hear this song. As these people die off, there is Mohie singing to them and sending them to their fate. The song has been titled “Horrible feeling”
#ابو حفيظة ينفرد بإطلاق أغنية جديدة لـ محمد محي بعنوان إحساس بشع

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