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Published on February 18th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Amar Shows Her Bra, Arabia Freaks Out!

Amar, the Lebanese singer from the early 00’s and the baby’s mamma from few years ago is back in the news. Not a song she released,a movie she appeared in or a story about her legal fight with that business mogul who refuses to take a paternity test. But for her bra, the popular media personality shared on her official Facebook account a picture of herself wearing a bra. And the world around her went crazy. Like how dare she show her her bra?

Sure, that did not stop the interest of the men to see what the fuss is about, they enjoy the picture and then they call Amar a whore for it. In this sense Amar is a trailblazer as some put her as the first Arab artists to share their bra with the masses. Never before her as any other pop star shared intimate pictures like she just did.

I think it’s cool what she did, but I think having a child out of wedlock is a bigger sin. Now, she did not cut people’s head’s off, she hurt no one. So people need to cool it. Let her do whatever she desires to do and you too can do what you want to do.
Ma3 Nafsi – Amar مع نفسي – قمر

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