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Arab Idol Assaf And The Stunning Lina Call Of Their Engagement @lina_qishawi

It’s with a broken heart that we report the end of the engagement of the Palestinians Arab Idol Mohamed Assaf–the skinny kid from Gaza with a golden voice and diamond personality. Lina Qishawi, the gorgeous all-Palestinian TV host shared with her fans that she sill admires the Arab Idol, his fans, his message and his music. But this is a private matter and I wish for people to stop speculation on this unfortunate matter.

Lina and Assaf have shard with the world last year the news of their engagement, it was a pleasant surprise for many, but many were happy for the power couple. And just like it was a surprise beginning, it was a surprise ending. Just yesterday Mohamed Assaf confirmed the breakup and today Lina on her Facebook, shared her take on it. I wish both artists success in their careers and hope for people to respect their privacy.

Lina will be resuming her work duties and hosting her show back again. Some see this is the reason for the breakup. As it has been told that Assaf did not want Lina to work again. If this is true, then I am on team Lina.

بالفيديو أول ظهور رسمي لمحمد عسّاف وخطيبته في لندن والابتسام لم تفارقه بجانبها

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