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Published on February 12th, 2016 | by Rana Almadhoun


Is Arab Pop Music Dead? Where Do We Find Hope?

Recently, the media has discussed the deterioration of Arab music and art in expansion, which coincided with the collapse of many key persons in production and art icons in the Arab region which were influenced by following the monopoly policy.


With the deterioration of Arab art, many parties insist on continuing their retarded policy in terms of time and style to follow the old production and marketing methods so that artists appear purely commercial works devoid of any creativity. The negative result goes unnoticed then by the youth in the Arab world.


This was also reflected on the concert market as many artists suffered setbacks in public concerts and festivals that were not far into the teeming masses from all over the world.

Despite the recent mess, some production companies allied with many musicians, authors, composers, distributors and artists and fostered creativity and to produce some of the most beautiful and the most successful art works that attract many old and young stars.

These companies adopted a professional method in dealing with the artistic production supported by full and comprehensive solutions ranging from directing its artists to be well taken care of, helping them select works, and upto supervision and development of comic business. Hence, they attained success. Instead of cornering the market, these companies focused on the development and diversification of its revenues through digital specialty stores as they haven’t only atttacted professionals, but also on worked on direct management. Success was an inevitable result in music and art in the Arab world making such companies the technical and informational role model in record time. This was a glimpse of hope to elevate Arabic arts to the world music art refineries.

It is time to unite and destruction to raise the status of Arab art, which does not lack anything as compared to global art.

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