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Published on February 17th, 2016 | by hotarabic


This Guy Is A Genuine Rock Star @AdhamNabulsi

Adham Nabulsi showed us that he is a rock star in this disposal age. The X Factor graduate keeps making music that shows the true artist he is. Adham comes a cross as an artist first and a singer second which is a rare find in this age. The Jordanian delight has a knock for the blues and sounds like his own man whose style is influenced by the likes of Wael Kfoury.

The piano takes a strong portion of the new single about breakup and parting away from a former love. The young vocalist is not short on passion and heart. He delivers a convincing lover who is hurting. He displays that pain, confusion and hurting so well with his vocal muscles. Adham does very well and pleases his fans once again with a grown up surprise hit.

Young stars who are good singers are many, but the great ones are so few, Adham leads that pack and with every single release he lives up to that promise.
3abali Wadda3ak (Piano) – Adham Nabulsi / عبالي ودعك (بيانو) – أدهم نابلسي

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