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Hany Shaker Returns With A Tearful Song, Yes AGAIN!

Hany Shaker has been rocking the music scene for 50 years. Though his style has evolved with time, I feel he has kept this very sad blues styles for the past 25 years. He is the guy you listen to if you have regrets, and if you want to feel sorry for yourself.

No one does those feelings better than Hany, he is like a love doctor for one’s emotions. Seriously he does more than perform a sad song he lives it and his voices allows his all to re-live it. Sure we love to mock his sad style in public but in private you enjoy his music when we are by ourselves. Now, his songs are usually meant to be played once but if you find yourself playing the same song more than once, then you are healing from something.

I must say that he is a sincere soul when he sings, he is also a big sport fan–he likes the white knights Zamalek club. But I loath his politics and how he is blindly supporting a regime and in fact urging them to murder opponents. His logic is as follows, we must sacrifice few to the sake of saving Egypt. So in his mind, Egypt is too weak.

Back to the song, Hany has delivered a sweet single here that reminds us once more than he is a landmark in Egyptian music.

هاني شاكر – بعد حبك | Hany Shaker -Baa’d Hobak

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