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Published on February 1st, 2016 | by hotarabic


Nabil Khalaf: The Egyptian Government Crook Who Wrote Some of the Best Pop Songs

A High ranking officer in the Egyptian ministry of interior has been arrested for corruption charges and embezzlement. Accountant by training who joined the minister of interior which controls the police departments around Egypt. In face this ministry is the most feared government agency and in the land, it’s also the most abusive.

One of their very own leaders is Nabil Khalaf who in addition to being a high ranking officer in the police force, is a lyrical genius who wrote songs and entire albums for a number of A list artists and band in Egypt and Arabia. Among the names who have worked with him is Wael Jassar and Angham–both got religious albums from this very pious man. And Nancy Ajram got an girl album from him for kids (Ya Banat) and indie band Black Theams got their hit songs written by him “Bahar“. And the voice of Egypt Mohamed Mounir got one of his signature songs “Ahel Al Arab W Al Tarab” album. Ali Al Haggar got his most Egyptian songs written by this lyricist. So many other songs and so many really good songs have been written by Mr. Nabil Khalaf. Like this sweet inward looking personal song by Wael Jassar.

Sadly this man who has written Egypt so many love songs now faces many criminal charges of corruption, embezzlement and waste of public funds. Some report as much as 1.8 Egyptian pounds are missing. Khalf is the former head of the budgeting and accounting office and served under the presidency of Hosny Mubarak. Khalaf has authored more than 20 children books. and has his own production company (Arabica Music) with a Lebanese partner. The funds used to be laundered through Beirut and to Switzerland for an account with the minister’s name.

So there you have it, a guy who shapes young minds, writes patriotic and religious songs is accused of fraud and no one is surprised anymore.

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