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Nadina Joined By @NaderHamdy In Search For A “Place Of Mystery”

WAMA’s very own Nader Hamdy is entering a new phase of his blooming music career. The member of that rocking WAMA band, and a music producer with a big name has now stepped out from behind the board to record a Lebanese song with the international hit-maker Nadine.

This is something different in Nader Hamdy’s career, this time he is almost solo as he joins this duet. The song has an English title and it is all about the mysteries. Frankly it’s a different song and Nadine takes the lead here but then Nader Hamdy kicks in and gives us his Arabic bit.

The song shifts gears between the Western and Eastern melodies with ease and for the untrained ear, may miss it. But now, this is good music to begin with. Nader kicks in his Lebanese and Nadina answers in English. Nadine did co-write the song with Christie Smith and the smooth Michel Fadel did the music arrangement.

Nadina Featuring Nader Hamdy (Lyric Video) – Place Of Mystery | نادينا و نادر حمدي

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