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Published on February 16th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Pro Sisi Pop Clowns @IdolAhmedGamal and @amrmostafa Attack Each Others

Moron composer Amr Mostafa has made a name for himself attacking other pop stars over anything and everything. He has fascist opinions and he wants to army to run life in his country. He also can never agree to disagree-if you disagree with him, you are wrong and you hate Egypt. There’s not grey area and Mostafa can never be wrong. So he is a little music dictator.

And Amr composed a song for Ahmed Gamal who has become the army’s favorite pop clown helping them spread their propaganda as they murder Egyptians, steal resources and run the country into the ground. Amr Mostafa and Ahmed Gamal both ask the people of Egypt to sacrifice and accept all things for the sake of Egypt. But they both spend a great deal of time living away from Egypt as their friends run to the States to have their children their. So they want people to be proud to be Egyptians, but they go and hire models and crews who are not from that country.

Amr did compose a song “Viva Egypt” song and Gamal did well with the song and performed it every chance he could as the army dispatches him to a number of concerts–does the army have anything else to do? Gamal shared the song on his social media and he forgot to give credit to Amr Mostafa for composing the song. Amr went crazy and all hell broke loose. Amr attacked Gamal for much and he vowed never to collaborate with him ever again. Maybe that’s good.

Here’ read more about this funny exchange between two big egos who claim to do everything for Egypt. But it turns out they only care about their egos and names. Amr went as far to release the song with another star to get back at Gamal who made a mistake. I say to hell with both of them.

أغنية تحيا مصر – أحمد جمال في يوم الشباب المصري بدار الأوبرا المصرية

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