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Published on February 22nd, 2016 | by hotarabic


Ramy Sabry Has Already Released His Best Pop Album (Get A Taste)

Ramy Sabry is inside the studio finalizing all the new songs on his upcoming album. I feel good as I watch the young singer work on his songs with the best talents in Egyptian pop. As a composer Ramy Sabry gets it, he knows what goes into making a hit and how to tell which song is a winner and which is a dud.

See him below in various sessions with various composers, musicians and producers, he gets what he wants and they know they cannot give him less than their best. He is even standing right next to the sound engineer and giving the musicians feedback. To be honest? Ramy Sabry’s new album sounds a lot like those old beloved classics from Amr Diab. This is a huge compliment. But Ramy is his own star and has always tried different things.

Now he has been known as a singer for ten years so experience he has and backers are any.

رامي صبري سهل الكلام مع الموزع العبقري تومة

 رامي صبري من داخل الاستوديو مع اصلان

 رامي صبري من كواليس داخل الاستوديو وتسجيل ما صدقت اتقابلنا

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