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Published on February 29th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Report: Diva Sherine Abdel-Wahab To Retire And Quit The Music Biz!

If media reports are to be believed, we may just have seen the very end of the career of the firecracker, and lovable Egyptian dive. If the reports are serious then she may like to explore her retirement options with Key. The velvet voice singer has been going strong for 16 years almost as she has been the number one female voice in Egypt. She event bested the dudes in sales and popularity. Now word is out that Sherine is not interested in singing or anything with the entertainment business and nothing will change her mind. She is also a hit judge on the Voice with MBC.

“Zahart AlKhaleej”, the big publication shared an audio clip for Sherine saying that she is retiring form the music industry. Here is here She sounds distressed and she knows this is a big news so she wants it to be known to the world.

Some in the press are speculating about this sudden decision as Sherine has been in the press lately. They think this is duo to attacks form her own fans waged at her for her off the wall comments on politics, and on the art. some say families troubles as since her divorce and being a single mom things have not been the same for Sherine. In all fairness she has her finest album and singles once she was divorced.

What she needs might be to take a long vacation, she really has been working hard and has not been missing for some time. I would hate for us to lose another talented diva that is truly in every sense of the word, one of a kind.
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