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Published on February 3rd, 2016 | by hotarabic


The Best Song About Little Girls “Al Banat” سعاد حسني / البنات البنات

The late Souad Hosny did this song in 1985 in her TV show and until now this remains the one songs all girls memorize and love. It’s a cute song and uplifting one that’s meant to praise girls in their struggle with boys. It’s a classic song from one classy lady. Such a strong message from a lady who is spunky lady who was the energizer bunny of Egyptian cinema.

You can see her having fun with the girls who are playing music. Sure their stereotypes for a bit. But the song is about equality who both want to build their country up and that they are no different. Souad brought this song to life and delivered one of her finest songs that will outlast all of us.

I will be remiss not to mention that big Egyptian folksy poet who wrote the song Salah Jaheen who wanted to state the obvious and introduce it into pop culture. The song he wrote even advocates for women to be ministers of finance.
Al Banat سعاد حسني / البنات البنات

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