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The Time Sabah Sang in French And English

The late golden Lebanese diva did break many hearts and mend many more. We know her for her beloved Arabic classical songs that we so memorize and hear over and over on many of these singing competitions programs. But we should also know about her other songs in foreign tongues. For example did you know that Sabah was the second Arab singers to perform on the voted music stage of Olympia in Paris? She did sing thee in 1969. Second only to Umm Kolthoum in terms of appearing there. Her songs in English and French were composed by the Elias Rahbani and Mansour–both do speak French and English.

They are no considered classic in any language, but they are certainly memorable. They were sung live when Sabah had those concerts.
once again sabah

SABAH_ الشحرورة صباح عالندا الندا بالفرنسي

صباح عالندا الندا من سهرة مع صباح

Sabah – Taxi d’Amour

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