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Indie Band @massaregbari1 Soars High And Sings Loud In #Cherophobia

Their name is Compulsory Detour in English, a name they used to reflect the state of Egyptian society where they live, hear stories and sing them. Massar Egbari dominated the press this week as they released a hit album that sits on the top of the charts in Egypt. the lead song and music video is among the number one watched YouTube video in Egypt at the moment. This is why in less than one week, they have already clocked more than a million views.

Let’s see the music video…I love the music and the mode it sets, the lip singing and that troubled look on their model’s face brings the song to life. This is a love song in a very twisted yet entertaining way. Again, it takes real talent to deliver unique songs that meet the public taste and walk into an uncharted territory and win big.

The set where the music video is filmed is just funky enough to reveal their creative madness. What the hell is the rooster doing? I could not tell you, but the song is pretty rad. This song is about mental illness and love. That title can mean different things to different people and that’s part of the beauty.

This is a major step for an indie band that is now everyone’s talk in Egypt. They have even beat mainstream pop stars with this release and you know what, they made something the fans are hungry for. I have hope for indie music in that troubled country. Massar Egbari did a song that will unite everyone in Egypt, so glad to see something that the masses can agree on.

Cherophobia – Massar Egbari | شيروفوبيا – مسار إجباري

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