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Published on March 4th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Mohammed Saif Has No Business Singing! (Video)

There are so many good new and talented pop stars in the Khaleej region. Mohammed Saif is one of those and he just filmed a music video for his single. His song stars with a curse! I take that back, he has no business singing. I mean that. This could have been a good song that has been turned into some noise. There is a drop dead gorgeous lady and a lady dancing to a guy wearing close to nothing.

Mr. Saif does not have a good voice, I mean it’s an average pop song but I do not find his voice sweet, strong or his emotions are real. The song’s production maybe to blame too as the song does not allow him to go strong for long. That dancing guy is the best thing about the clip. Saif’s outfits are pretty stylish too. His shades go well with his beard.

The director of the music video is shares the same last name as the singer.

الحاجة ( كليب ) – محمد سيف | AlHaga ( Clip ) – Mohammed Saif

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